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LIB101: Intro to Library Research

A free online 1-credit research course

What will I learn?

This class teaches information literacy or, the ability to find, evaluate, and use information critically and effectively.

This 2-minute video gives a brief introduction to the value of increasing your information literacy.

This course teaches academic research. Terms like peer review, databases, MLA/APA citations, bibliography, periodicals, and search strategy will become familiar. You will learn to use of a variety of print and electronic information resources, search tools, and information evaluation.

This 3-minute video gives you a great idea of what you'll be learning in LIB101.

Remember, this *free* course will help you complete coursework for other classes (WR121, WR122, & research papers)! You can select any topic to focus on. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 

1. Convert natural-language research questions into effective search statements

(ex: Develop your topic into a research question, then use the right keywords to find articles that are relevant to that question.)

2. Evaluate information resources as to their credibility and suitability for college-level coursework.

(ex: How to spot fake news, how to find quality information online)

3. Identify some of the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information

(ex: How to cite and avoid plagiarism)

Topics covered


1. Introduction to information

  • What is academic information and how do I use a library to find it?

2. Browse and search techniques

  • How do I find information that actually answers my research question?

3. Browse and search tools

  • How do I use the library website to search electronic information, and why might library resources be better than Google?

4. Databases and keywords

  • How do I find articles using databases and how can I improve my search strategy?

5. Better Google searching

  • How can I manipulate Google to get fewer, better results? How can I "Google like a librarian"?

6. Evaluate information for quality

  • How do I know if the info I found is trustworthy and can be used in academic papers?

7. Research process & support

  • How does college research work and how can I get help during the process?

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