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WR101 Adam Wickert

Keywords (important search terms)

PRO TIP iconKnowing which words to search with is important, but often hard to get right on the first try.  To help you successfully get started searching, here are some keyword recommendations from your librarian.

[your career discipline or job title] AND any of the following:

  • "work-life balance"
  • licensure
  • apprenticeships
  • "computer literacy"
  • "opportunities for growth"
  • "work environment"
  • training
  • "employment projections"
  • child-care

So one search might look like this: librarianship AND "computer literacy"

Another example would be: librarianship AND education

Try multiple searches using different combinations of keywords. You don't have to stick to just the keywords listed here. Try to brainstorm more. Different keywords will get you different results.

Why are there quotation marks around some of the words? 

  • Use quotation marks around phrases and search terms to search for the words in the exact order you would like, instead of separately. 
  • Example: general and election as single, unique words have different meanings than what the phrase "general election" means.

Databases (start here)

Search strategy overview - databases

Use these tipsWork smarter, not harder. when you search in CCC Library databases. Your search results will be more focused and relevant to your topic!

  1. Use quotation marks around phrases and search terms to search for the words in the exact order you would like, instead of separately.
    Basic search, "emotional support animals"
  2. Use different search boxes for each different idea that makes up your overall topic.
    Advanced search


Too Many Results? Too Few Results?
  1. Add in additional search terms.
  2. Limit to peer-reviewed journals.
  3. Limit by date.
  4. Limit by subject.
  5. Limit to items with full-text availability.
  6. Change the search box dropdown menu to "Abstract" or "Subject."
  1. Verify that you spelled everything correctly.
  2. Erase unnecessary search terms.
  3. Try different search terms.
  4. Use the Boolean operator OR between search terms.
  5. Remove any limits you may have added to an earlier search.
  6. Change the search box dropdown menu to "All Text" or "Entire Document."

Need help with too many or too few results? Call, email, chat with, or stop by and see a librarian!

Can't find what you need?

If the databases above haven't helped you find what you need, you can try any of these steps:

  • Use the Get Help! page to contact CCC Library via email, 24/7 chat, or phone.
  • Come by the Dye Learning Center to talk to a librarian.
  • Try another database (listed below)

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