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WRD098 Mount

This Course Guide will help Dave's students research and write an informal "review of literature" on a subject about which they are passionate.

Types of sources

What does Dave mean when he says for Essay 3 you'll be creating a multimedia post sharing "a wide variety of sources from a variety of media including web, print, videos, podcast, books, e-books, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, scholarly articles"?

Variety of sources - what are those? Sources could be:

Blog posts.
Newspaper articles.
Magazine articles.
Journal articles.
Book reviews.
Song lyrics.
Encyclopedia articles.
DVDs or streaming videos.
Movie reviews.
Music - mp3s, radio.
PowerPoint presentations.
Opinion pieces and editorials.

What is a good quality source?

"Quality" ribbon - clipart.It depends on what "it" is, and the context in which you're using it. Think about the type of information (e.g., a tweet, a painting) and what you expect of it in terms of quality and in terms of your intended use of it. We'll do this together in class.

Also, I find that asking myself these questions helps me decide if information is good to use:

  1. Is there thoughtful substance to this information?
  2. Can I identify an author?
  3. Does this information seem trustworthy to me?
  4. Do I trust the publisher of this information (could be a website, blog, magazine, corporation)?
  5. If this is an opinion piece, is it fact-based or totally coming out of left field?
  6. How old is this information and does that matter?
  7. Could you talk about this topic around the water cooler?
  8. Does this source ask questions? Is it philosophical?
  9. Is the source long enough to actually share good, meaty information?

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