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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

A guide to support all English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Program for Intensive English (PIE) students with library resources and services.

CCC Library vocabulary

Do you speak "library"? Here is a list of commonly-used library words and acronyms.

Book drop / Book return

A place to return items you have checked out from the library. CCC Library has three book drops.

  1. Inside of Dye Learning Center, return items in the “Book Return” slot on the left as you enter through the second set of doors.
  2. Outside of Dye Learning Center, return items in the silver book drop box.
  3. Outside at Harmony East, return items in the silver book drop box.
Browse To look through or explore at random. You can browse through CCC Library's books and magazines to find items that look interesting to you.
Catalog (also called Library Catalog) The search tool on CCC Library's homepage that searches (nearly) everything available in CCC Library.
Check out To borrow something from the library; to take something home with you from the library.  You will need to show a student ID card or other photo ID to check out.
Circulation Services desk The desk in the library where you can check out books, Course Reserves, headphones, and other items. The Circulation Services desk is located at the entrance of CCC Library.
Circulating collection Books and other items that can be checked out and taken home. Circulate means to go from place to place (like from school to home).
Course Reserves collection (also called Reserves) Textbooks and other books used in your classes.
Database A search tool where you find journal articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles, eBooks, and / or streaming videos. CCC Library has over 100 databases.
Due date The date by which you should return items you have borrowed to the library.  If you keep a book past the due date, you will receive an email telling you that the book is late (or overdue) and asking you to return it.
ESOL ESOL is an acronym that stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. Acronyms are written in upper-case letters.
Fiction Books or stories that are about imaginary events and people. Fiction books or stories might be romance, mystery or thriller, fantasy, comedy or humor, or drama.
Hold A hold is an online request to have a book or other material waiting for you to check out at the Circulation Services desk.
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) A system of sharing between libraries. CCC Library can help you borrow books, DVDs, and more from other libraries around the world - for free! (This is a different service from Summit.)
Leveled Readers (also called New Readers or Graded Readers) A book for ESOL and PIE students that is intended to help build reading skills for individuals new to reading English.
Lexile books (also called Young Adult books) If Leveled Readers are easy for you, the next level up from Leveled Readers are called Lexile Books. A Lexile number is a rating for how hard a book is to read. The higher the number, the more complex the word use and sentence length. CCC Library's Lexile books have stickers with numbers between 500 (easier) and 1100 (harder).

A person who works in the library; a specialist in the library and information field.  If you are having difficulty finding what you need, you can ask a librarian for help.

Library A place where you can borrow books, Course Reserves, etc.; a place where can get help finding information for your classes; a place where you can study and relax. (Students sometimes confuse library with bookstore.  A bookstore is a place where you can buy books.)
Loan period The length of time for which you can borrow something from the library.  At the end of the loan period, you must return the item to the library.
Non-fiction Books or stories based on facts. Topics might be science, current events, history, biographies (books about real people), or how-to books.
Overdue Overdue means late. When a library item is kept longer than its loan period and after its due date, it becomes overdue.
Periodical A publication (usually a collection of articles) that is issued at regular intervals.  Magazines, journals, and newspapers are all periodicals.
PIE PIE is an acronym that stands for Program for Intensive English. Acronyms are written in upper-case letters. (Not to be confused with pie, which is a delicious dessert and written in lower-case letters.)
Questions Something you should ask a lot when you are in the library.  We are happy to help you!
Research Help desk (also called Reference desk) A place where a librarian can help you find information either in the library or online. The Research Help desk is located near the Circulation Services desk.
Renew To extend the loan period on an item; to check an item out again so you can keep it longer.
Resource A resource is an item that provides information. Resources include books, articles, newspapers, and videos.
Return To bring a book (or other item) you have borrowed back to the library.

A system of sharing between 38 college and  university libraries in the Pacific Northwest. CCC Library can help you borrow books, DVDs, and more from our Summit partners - for free! Items arrive in 2-3 days.

Thesaurus (plural: thesauri) A book or built-in database tool that lists words in groups of synonyms and related concepts.
Young Adult collection (also called Lexile books) Books written at levels beyond the Leveled Reader collection. Young Adult books often explore topics and themes reflective of young adults' experiences.

List last updated September 2023.

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