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Northstar Digital Literacy

What is Northstar Digital Literacy?

Northstar Digital Literacy (Northstar) is a suite of online, self-paced digital literacy tutorials and assessments.

Digital literacy encompasses three big categories of skills that you use all the time: "1) finding and consuming digital content; 2) creating digital content; and 3) communicating or sharing it" (EducationWeek).

Northstar gives you the opportunity to check your digital literacy skills, learn and practice new skills, and demonstrate your mastery of these skills. Northstar teaches you essentials like using email and navigating the Internet, using Microsoft Office and Google software, understanding your digital footprint, navigating social media, and much more.

Northstar works like so:

  1. Set up a learner account.
  2. Log in.
  3. Choose a digital literacy topic (e.g., Microsoft Word).
  4. Take a digital literacy skills assessment on your topic.
    • There are 14 assessments to choose from.
    • This initial assessment will help you identify what you already know and what you need to learn.
    • If available, you'll receive links to lessons to practice skills which may need work.
  5. Work through the topic-specific lessons to learn and practice new skills.
    • Use self-paced Northstar video lessons or recommended learning resources.
  6. Take a "proctored" assessment to demonstrate your new knowledge and skills related to that topic.
    • When you successfully complete a "proctored" assessment, you can access a certificate that shows your competency in each area of digital literacy. (You'll learn more about proctored assessments later.)

You may be using Northstar in a class you've enrolled in, taking a library workshop, or discovering this tool on your own. We're glad you're here! Select Getting started with Northstar to continue.

Why use Northstar?

Screenshot Certificate of Completion

  1. Set yourself apart from others on your resume and job applications! Earn certificates for essential computer skills and list these accomplishments for future employers to see.
  2. Get college ready. Your college instructors may assume you already know how to use Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, or other software. Spend a little time learning how to use these software more effectively now, and save yourself from frustration later.
  3. Build confidence and skills needed for successful remote and online learning.
  4. Learn at your own pace and without judgment.

Thank you!

The Northstar Digital Literacy project is supported in whole or part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the State Library of Oregon. CCC Library thanks the State Library of Oregon for making this tool available to our community.

CCC's Northstar cohort includes folx in CCC Library; English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL); Educational Partnerships; Business; SNAP Training Employment Program; Skills Development (GED, ABS, and Spanish GED); Academic Tutoring; Start Lab / College Navigator; Workforce Development; and CCC Career Center.

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