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Northstar Digital Literacy

Learn about your digital literacy strengths and, through low-stakes assessments, identify digital literacy skills to practice.

What is Northstar Digital Literacy?

Northstar Digital Literacy (Northstar) is a website where you can test your computer skills and learn new skills on your own, at your own pace. Northstar calls these tests "assessments." After taking an assessment, you can learn and practice new skills by completing the corresponding Northstar tutorials.

Northstar is free and anyone can use this tool - students, staff, and community members! Sign up for a Northstar account here.

What is digital literacy?

Digital literacy is a broad set of skills related to using computers, software, or technology. More complex than simply knowing how to use a phone or computer, digital literacy skills include "1) finding and consuming digital content; 2) creating digital content; and 3) communicating or sharing it" (EducationWeek).

Examples of digital literacy skills include:

  • using email, and avoiding phishing attempts
  • navigating the Internet
  • recognizing credible, safe information
  • using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Google Docs
  • searching for career and job information
  • understanding the impact of your digital footprint
  • safely and effectively using social media
  • protecting your private information online

Why use Northstar?

Screenshot Certificate of Completion

  1. Set yourself apart from others on your resume and job applications! Earn certificates for essential computer skills and list these accomplishments for future employers to see.
  2. Get college ready. Your college instructors may assume you already know how to use Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, or other software. Spend a little time learning how to use these software more effectively now, and save yourself from frustration later.
  3. Develop skills to keep your job and advance your career. The problem solving and communication skills you will practice in Northstar will help you on the job!
  4. Build confidence and skills needed for successful remote and online learning.
  5. Learn at your own pace and without judgment.

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