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Northstar Digital Literacy

Learn about your digital literacy strengths and, through low-stakes assessments, identify digital literacy skills to practice.

What can I learn?

Northstar has 13 digital literacy topics with online tutorials (but 15 topics with assessments - tutorials for these two topics are coming soon). Remember, you have to first take an assessment before you can "unlock" and access the tutorials.

Learn about each digital literacy topic below. Select an image to go to the digital literacy topic's dashboard.

Basic Computer Skills teal logo Basic Computer Skills teaches you about devices, logging on, mouse and keyboard skills, saving files, and customizing features.
Northstar Internet purple logo Internet Basics teaches you about navigating websites, tabs, search terms and results, online privacy, viruses and scams, and online forms.
Northstar Email orange logo Using Email teaches you about making an email account, email addresses, Reply, Reply All, and Forward, attachments, and spam and phishing.
Northstar Windows green logo Windows 10 teaches you about navigating the Windows 10 interface, accessing and switching between programs, file storage, and start menus.
Northstar teal Mac OS icon Mac OS teaches you about the Mac OS and about opening applications, using the App Store, identifying icons, organizing your files and folders, and setting your system preferences.
Northstar dark blue MS Word logo Microsoft Word Office 2016 teaches you about formatting text, alignment, inserting tables, Cut, Copy, and Paste, and editing a document.
Northstar green MS Excel logo Microsoft Excel teaches you to create workbooks, use ribbon tools, apply formatting to cells, and analyze and display data using tools like AutoSum, sort, AutoFill, formulas, and charts.
Northstar red MS PowerPoint icon Microsoft PowerPoint teaches you how to creating and save a presentation; create, format, and organize your slides; and share your presentation.
Northstar blue Google Docs icon Google Docs gives you an overview of Google docs and teaches you how to organize, format, and share and collaborate on your document.
Northstar orange social media icon Social Media teaches you about setting up a profile, sharing posts, sending private messages, and staying safe. Content applies to many platforms but this tutorial focuses primarily on Facebook. 
Northstar purple information literacy icon Information Literacy teaches you about online research, internet searches, evaluating resources, organizing your research, and using research to make informed decisions.
Northstar blue Career Search Skills logo Career Search Skills teaches you about preparing for a job search, searching for jobs, preparing documents like resumes and cover letters, applying and interviewing for jobs, and what to do after an interview.
Northstar bright grass green Digital Footprint icon Your Digital Footprint teaches you what digital footprints are, how they are created, why they matter and how they may impact you, and how to manage and protect your online identity.

Helpful tip iconHelpful tip:  To return to the tutorial dashboard when you are working in the tutorial, select the Northstar Online Learning logo in the upper left corner of the tutorial window. Your tutorial progress will be saved.

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