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Faculty and staff services and resources

This guide gathers together resources to assist faculty in using CCC Library's tools, research tutorials, and services.

Instruction Services: What we offer

CCC Librarians are flexible in how we provide instruction to hybrid, remote, online, and in person courses! We focus on active learning, giving students a chance to try out techniques and discover information. To learn more about options, read on.

  • Live Zoom lesson (synchronous)- a librarian will meet with your remote class via Zoom to offer in-depth research skill building or general orientation to the library (or anything in between!). Live Zoom sessions can be recorded for students who miss the class or to link in your Moodle site. Sessions are usually 15-50 minutes and we work to incorporate active learning time for students.
  • Recorded Zoom lesson (asynchronous) - a librarian will record an instruction or orientation session tailored to the needs of your class that you can share via email and Moodle. Sessions are usually 15-30 minutes.
  • Live Zoom "office hours" (synchronous) - a librarian will be available to sign into your class to answer questions and provide guidance based on student needs and questions. This is less formal than a Zoom lesson - we will come hang out and be available if students need help as they work, but we will not plan a lesson. This is appropriate if students already know the basics of searching and pairs nicely with a recorded Zoom session. Sessions are usually 15-50 minutes.
  • Research Guide (asynchronous) - a librarian will create a customized website for your course, assignment, academic discipline, or another topic. Research Guides pull together useful information for students to help them find, retrieve, and evaluate resources. Creating a guide is highly collaborative with the instructor. Please notify us 4 weeks in advance if you are interested in a research guide. 
  • In-person lesson (synchronous) - a librarian will come to your classroom to teach in-depth research skill building or general orientation to the library (or anything in between!). Sessions are usually 15-50 minutes and we work to incorporate active learning time for students. We offer this service to any of the three physical campuses.

To request any of the services above, or to ask us about another idea you have, please fill out the instruction request form.

How to request a library instruction session

1. Submit your library instruction session request using CCC Library’s Instruction Request Form.

  • Instruction sessions need to be requested at least two weeks in advance of the desired instruction date.
  • Incomplete forms may result in a delay of scheduling the instruction session.

2. Include information in the required fields on the Instruction Request Form. This information helps the librarian plan for and customize each instruction session.

3. After you submit your library instruction session request, you will immediately receive an email from Google Forms confirming you submitted a request. That email is not confirmation that your library instruction session has been scheduled.

4. Library instruction session confirmation: You can expect to hear back from the CCC librarian who will teach your instruction session within 3 business days during the academic year.

  • You may receive confirmation via email, phone, or in person.
  • Please reach out to or 503-594-6042 if you have not received confirmation of your instruction session within 3 business days of submitting your request.

Instruction request form

Library instruction guidelines

  1. Instruction sessions need to be requested at least two weeks in advance of the desired instruction date. Librarians may not be available to teach a session if less than two weeks’ notice is given.
  2. Instruction requests must be made using CCC Library’s Instruction Request Form
  3. A copy or explanation of the course assignment is required to help the librarian tailor the content of the library instruction session to student needs and learning outcomes.
  4. No library instruction will be scheduled when CCC Library is closed; contact a librarian for alternative methods of learning about CCC Library and research.
  5. Instructors must remain with the class at all times.
  6. Library instruction typically takes place in CCC Library’s instruction classroom (D112). The D112 classroom is equipped with the following:
    • 25 laptops (wifi, MS Office suite)
    • 32 seats
    • 10 desks
    • Instructor computer station
    • LCD projector
    • Document camera
    • Printer
  7. Librarians will reserve D112 for use during instruction sessions. If a scheduling conflict arises, librarians will work with you to arrange alternative classroom accommodations.
  8. If you would like to reserve D112 for use outside of a library instruction session, please check with a librarian at least one week in advance of when you would like to use the classroom. D112 is not listed in 25Live, and librarian availability, library instruction,  library staff use, and student use of D112 takes priority to external use.

How to request a Course or Subject Guide

Faculty members can request librarians create Research Guides. Research guides might be set up for a specific course, assignment, or subject/discipline. Creation of these guides is a very collaborative process - please allow at least 4 weeks for requests to be met. Learn more about Course and Subject guides.

To request a custom guide, please fill out an Instruction Request Form. Under the question “I would like a/an,”  select "Research Guide."

Library instruction FAQs

Why should I request library instruction for my class? If you have an assignment that requires your students to develop a research topic, search for information, evaluate information, or cite sources, librarians can support that work! Recognizing bias, searching more efficiently in Google, developing or narrowing the focus of a topic, identifying "fake news," knowing when you've done "enough" research - anything related to information that you want to fold into your course - CCC librarians can teach.

Is library instruction only face-to-face? Nope! We are flexible and strive to meet your needs. Learn more about our F2F, embedded, and online instruction options.

What is the difference between an "orientation" and an "instruction session"?

  • A 30-40 minute orientation introduces students to CCC Library's website, collections, and services, as well as other academic support services available in the Dye Learning Center.
  • An instruction session focuses on teaching concrete research-related skills and is taught in conjunction with one or more course assignments. The student learning outcomes vary from class to class. Lab/independent research time is usually built in.

Who is my librarian liaison - aka, who should I contact to teach a class? In the context of instruction services, CCC Library employs a fluid model of librarian liaisons. This fluidity means that there is no one librarian assigned to each CCC program - and it means any and all of us can assist you! Please request instruction using CCC Library’s Instruction Request Form.

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